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Top 8 criteria home shopping channels look for when evaluating a product

Top 8 criteria home shopping channels look for when evaluating a product

If you can answer yes to several of these questions, you may have a hit product on your hands.

1. Is it problem/solution oriented? Does it solve a “real” problem? Is it a problem that is NOT currently being addressed/satisfied in the marketplace? If the problem is already being addressed in the marketplace, does this product address the problem more effectively or efficiently? Is it a problem that consumers already know they have and don’t have to be taught they have? What is the magnitude of the problem? Can the product solve the problem immediately?

2. Is it unique? Is there anything else on the market like it? Is the product so unique/compelling that it might be purchased even if it doesn’t solve a problem?

3. Does it have mass market appeal? Does the product’s appeal cross many demographics or is it targeted to a niche audience? Most infomercial companies won’t take on a product unless they believe they can sell 5 million+ units.

4. Is it a “better mousetrap?” Many times products that solve a problem in better, faster or less expensive way than others on the market can be hugely successful.

5. Is the product easily explained/demonstrated? Can the product be thoroughly described in less than a minute? Does the demonstration provide a “wow” factor that viewers will respond to?

6. Is the product targeted to an age appropriate audience? Know the shopping channel you’re targeting and find out who their audience is as they’re always looking for products that primarily target their demographic.

7. Does the product fall within a category that isn’t crowded. Understandably, shopping channels shy away from products that solve a problem in a category that is filled with other products.

8. Do you have a story to tell? Products that have a compelling story behind them provide a connection with the viewing audience that is invaluable.


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