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Marcy’s Must Haves

Marcy’s Must Haves


Marcy’s Must Haves



Huggable Hangers® – I’m obsessed with Huggable Hangers!  And with nearly 500 million of them sold, it appears much of America is too.  The attractive, ultra slim design will literally transform your closet giving you much needed extra space and a perfectly organized look…ahhh!  The flocked finish ensures that even the silkiest tops won’t slip off the hangers.  I love what they’ve done for my closet so much that I bought them for everyone in my family!  As far as I’m concerned, you can never have enough Huggable Hangers.  They also make a great gift—for men and women!


Green Garmento™ – Genius idea!  These 4-in-1 reusable dry cleaning bags effectively do away with the annoying and environmentally damaging single use dry cleaning bags.  It’s a perfect solution to the estimated 300 million pounds of plastic dry cleaning bags that are clogging our landfills and waterways every year.  It’s a hamper for your dry cleaning, that converts to a carrying bag to take your things to the cleaners and then finally, a reusable dry cleaning bag to bring your dry cleaned clothes home.  Dry cleaners love them, and it gives us a great way to do our part in conserving the environment.


George Foreman® Grill – You’ve all heard of it, but have you used one?  They’re amazing!  I use mine almost daily.  The even heat distribution perfectly cooks everything from chicken to burgers, grilled sandwiches, steaks, shrimp, fish…you name it.  Because it’s non-stick, there’s no need to use oil or butter and the sloped design makes the fat drip off for a healthier meal.  I bought two of them to accommodate my family of five.  The only downfall is that it’s a bit difficult to clean…but the benefits more than make up for it!


My Little Steamer® – This has all but replaced by traditional iron! The hand held fabric steamer heats up in seconds and does away with wrinkles almost instantly. So much faster and easier than ironing, the wrinkles literally fall off your clothes!  It’s simple to use and safe for even the most delicate silks. I use it for everything from suits, to blouses, dresses, tablecloths and more. The mini version weighs less than one pound and fits easily into any suitcase or carry-on.  I wouldn’t be caught dead without it when I’m traveling.  Definitely a “must have” for yourself and also a great gift!


Joseph Joseph® Adjustable Rolling Pin – I love to cook but I’m far from a gourmet chef!  For cookies, pie crust, pizza crust, pastries and more, this ingenious rolling pin is an invaluable kitchen tool that makes rolling out dough quickly and evenly…well…easy as pie!  The removable discs let you choose the thickness of your dough, and virtually eliminate unwanted lumps, thin spots, and overly thick edges, giving you the perfect, evenly flattened dough every time.  It even has a measurement guide to ensure you roll out the desired size each time.  You’ll never use a regular rolling pin again!  Genius!


Low Beams – A little embarrassing to write about, but I had to share this one as they really are a girl’s best friend.  A celebrity favorite, these nipple concealers are by far the best on the market.  You can wear them with or without a bra and even under a swimsuit.  They’re easy to apply, are completely seamless and definitely do the trick!  Once you try them, you won’t be able to live without them.  I buy several packs at a time to make sure I always have them on hand.  A little tip…take them off in the shower, otherwise removal can sting a bit.


Hollywood Fashion Tape® – Another wardrobe accessory I can’t live without!  It’s a clear double stick tape that lasts all day to keep my clothes where I want them.  I use it for everything—to temporarily hem pants, keep buttons from popping open, hide bra straps, keep blouses in place, keep sweaters and tops from riding up and I’ve even used it to fix a ripped seam. I love the little tin box they come in —I keep one in my purse, one in my car and one at home.  So simple, yet so smart!


Smart Spin – Anyone who is as frustrated with Tupperware as I am, will appreciate this one!  Finally a solution to the disorganized mess of different sized Tupperware containers and lids.  It’s a carousel style storage system for all your food storage containers.  It holds 48 containers and lids and takes up the space of a small coffee maker.  Each container takes the same size lid so you don’t have a bunch of lids and bottoms floating around. Love it!!! Saves tons of space in my cabinets and keeps my containers organized and accessible.  Bye, bye Tupperware!


Mist N’ Sip ® Hydration Bottle – A water bottle and mister in one!  With three kids under 10 years old (all of whom play sports), this is a huge hit in our household.  The kids love it and it gives me piece of mind when they’re playing sports on a hot day.  It’s also great for the beach, the pool, a day at an amusement park or for watching sporting events in the hot sun.  Makes a great inexpensive gift!


The Over-The-Door Jewelry Armoire – Great concept and very well thought out!  This space saving over-the-door jewelry armoire is a fabulous jewelry storage solution that holds and organizes over 200 pieces of jewelry and accessories.  I love being able to see all of my jewelry in one place. The over-the-door feature is a great space saver for the bedroom, bathroom or closet and the added bonus of the full length mirror is the icing on the cake.


Dimplex Patio Umbrella Heater

– My favorite purchase of the year! This umbrella heater fits easily onto any patio unbrella and heats up the perfect amount of space for a table of six. While the heating element is great, the reason I love it most is the incredible glow it gives to the table once the sun goes down, providing the perfect ambient light for the outdoor dinner table.Because it’s powered by electricity as opposed to propane like the larger outdoor heaters, it won’t heat a room or a large area but it’s perfect for its intended use of heating the area of an outdoor dinner table. I can’t tell you how many have people have bought one after having dinner under ours!